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Electric Scooters vs Electric Bikes: Everything You Need to Know

Nov 13

Are you looking to buy an electric scooter or an electric bike? If so, you’ve probably noticed that there are many brands and models available to choose from and that different makes and models boast various features and benefits. If you’re interested in purchasing either of these types of vehicles, then it can be tricky to decide which is right for your lifestyle, especially if you’re unsure about the distinctions between the two options. To help you make this decision, here’s everything you need to know about electric scooters vs electric bikes.

Common Misconceptions About E-Bikes

E-bikes have been widely promoted by companies, who sell them as a way to conquer hills, distance, and time. If you’re looking into getting an electric bicycle, you must know what they can and cannot do. Here are some common misconceptions about e-bikes: 

  1. That they are just like bicycles with motors attached 
  2. That there is only one type of e-bike (there are many) 
  3. That electric bikes cost more than traditional bikes 
  4. That e-bikes are unsafe for inexperienced riders 
  5. That electric bikes don’t work well on hills 
  6. That e-bikes won’t get you where you need to go 
  7. That most people who buy an electric bike don’t ride it very much 
  8. That using an e-bike is cheating 


Common Misconceptions About E-Scooters

Before we get into why an e-scooter is a better choice than an e-bike, it’s important to make a few clarifying points. E-scooters and e-bikes are often grouped as transportation devices, but they’re not that similar. An electric scooter will typically have two wheels (duh), while an electric bike will have three or more. And when you think about it, these differences make sense. If you need extra stability for your commute if you live in a hilly area, for example then an e-bike might be a good option for you. But if all you need is something quick and nimble to get around town, then an e-scooter can do just fine. That said, there are some other common misconceptions about e-scooters out there. Here’s what you should know before buying one: 

1) E-Scooters Aren’t Motorcycles: 

Some people see an e-scooter whizzing by and mistake it for a motorcycle. This isn’t surprising given how similar they look! However, there is one major difference between them motorcycles require drivers to have a license and wear helmets. In most places, you don’t need either of these things to ride an electric scooter which makes them much more accessible than their motorized counterparts. 

2) E-Scooters Are Legal in All States: 

While it might seem like all 50 states are on board with e-scooters, that’s not true at least not yet. There are a few places where they aren’t legal including New York City and Washington D.C., so make sure you check your local laws before buying one. 

3) E-Scooters Aren’t That Expensive: 

Finally, people often think that electric scooters are super expensive but most of them aren’t! Many of them cost less than $500 which is about half as much as an electric bike would cost you. Of course, there are a few more advanced models out there with all kinds of bells and whistles (and price tags), but for basic transportation, you don’t need anything too fancy. 

4) E-Scooters Are Great for Commuting: 

So why should you consider buying an e-scooter instead of an e-bike? Well first off they can get up hills easier and they take up less space in your apartment or office if that matters to you! Plus, it’s just plain more fun to ride a scooter than a bike. If you’re looking for a way to make your commute more enjoyable, then an e-scooter is worth considering. 

5) E-Scooters Can Get You Fit: 

Finally, let’s talk about exercise. One of the most common reasons people buy electric bikes is so they can work out without putting too much effort into it. But e-scooters are even better for that! If you want a way to get in shape that’s fun and convenient, then an e-scooter might be right for you.

Are E-Bikes or E-Scooters Better?

If you are looking for a first-time electric vehicle, it can be hard to choose between an e-bike and an e-scooter. Both options have their perks and downsides. So which one is better? The answer depends on your personal needs and preferences. Here’s what you need to know about each option before deciding on your next ride. 


E-bikes come in many shapes and sizes. They all rely on battery power (typically from a rechargeable lithium battery) to power electric motors that turn pedals or wheels attached to them, allowing riders to travel longer distances without getting tired as easily as if they were riding regular bikes or scooters. Some e-bikes can go faster than 20 miles per hour, but most are limited to about 15 mph for safety reasons. Some even have regenerative braking systems that can charge up your battery while you’re slowing down or going downhill. 


E-scooters are motorized scooters powered by batteries instead of gas. They’re generally less expensive than e-bikes and easier to maintain, but they also have a lower top speed, so you can’t get as far on them without getting tired. Many e-scooters have regenerative braking systems that can charge up your battery while you slow down or stop. 

Difference between Electric Scooters & Electric Bikes

Electric scooters and electric bikes share some similarities, especially since they are both powered by electricity. However, a closer look will show you that electric scooters for adults 300 lbs have more in common with motorcycles than e-bikes. Electric scooter motors can’t be powered with pedal assistance like an e-bike. The primary difference between electric scooters and electric bikes is their intended use. Electric scooters are built for speed while electric bikes are built for efficiency. The average top speed of an electric bike is around 20 mph while most electric scooters go up to 25 mph or faster. If your main purpose is getting from point A to point B as fast as possible, then you should opt for an electric scooter over an e-bike. On the other hand, if you want something great for commuting and errands around town, then electric bikes are a better option. Electric scooters can also be used off-road on dirt trails whereas electric bikes cannot. It all boils down to what you need it for because there isn't much of a price difference between electric scooters and electric bicycles.

Which One is Right for Me? 

There are many factors to consider when choosing between an e-bike and an e-scooter. If you live in a hilly area with lots of hills, an electric bike might be best for you since it will help with climbing those hills. If you live in a flat area, however, an electric scooter might be better because it has higher speeds and longer ranges. E-bikes also have larger batteries than e-scooters, which means they can travel further distances before needing to recharge.