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Hotel in Mahavir Enclave Delhi

Sep 25

We cordially extend to you an invitation to host an outstanding event in one of our trendy and modern venues at the SSS Group Hotel in Mahavir Enclave. There are plenty of banquet facilities, charming and cosy event spaces, committed staff assistance, and an inspirational atmosphere. The SSS Group Hotel is a popular destination for festivities and special events due to its practical location in Mahavir Enclave Sector 1. The facility offers 14 roomy spaces on the same grounds that will give you space to relax and recharge. Air conditioning, an LED television, a chair and table, couch seating, and an attached bathroom with hot and cold running water are among the amenities offered by the hotels. The SSS Group Hotel also provides free WiFi.

well known for offering the best hotel services Due to its close proximity to Delhi's IGI Airport Mahavir Enclave and its cutting-edge amenities, the SSS Group Hotel has become the leader in the hotel industry. The SSS Group Hotel is ideally accessible to the Dashrathpuri Metro rail station as well as all other locations in the Delhi NCR. Nearby are markets, shopping malls, office buildings, and well-known tourist attractions in Delhi.

Hotel SSS Group check-in

Please present a government-issued ID card during check-in, such as a driver's licence, voter ID, Aadhar card, or passport. By law, guests must present personal identification for the hotel's records. We will return these documents to you once you have left. There may be a charge for early check-in and it is totally dependent on space. Before checking in, the whole sum must be paid.

leaving the SSS Group Hotel

The check-out time is at 11 AM. After this period, if you choose to remain in your room, kindly inform the front desk. An extension will be given if one is available. If the guest does not vacate the accommodation by the time the term expires, the management shall have the right to remove the visitor and his or her belongings. The following extension costs apply if the lodging is available: 1) One-quarter of the room rent from midday until 2) The room rent is payable in full by 3 PM. 3. Full room rental till 5:00 PM

SSS Group Hotel pets

Pets are not permitted within the hotel.

Dangerous Goods

It is prohibited to carry or keep anything that is combustible, hazardous, unlawful, or otherwise unpleasant, including raw or exposed film from movies. The guest shall be entirely accountable and responsible to the management, its other guests, invitees, visitors, agents, and employees for any monetary or other loss and damage that may result from such things or as a result of the guest's own negligence and disdain for any instructions. It is unlawful to gamble, possess illicit substances, engage in prostitution, or have weapons, explosives, combustibles, poisons, narcotics, animals, or strongly scented food on hotel premises.


Damage to Property

The guest, their visitors, or anyone else for whom they are responsible shall be held accountable for any loss or damage to hotel property that they cause.

Rights of SSS Group Hotel Administration

It is expected that guests would conduct themselves appropriately and avoid annoying or disturbing other guests or hotel guests. At the management's discretion, any visitor may be requested to leave their room or other hotel facilities immediately, without prior notice and without any justification. The visitor is required to follow the directive. The Management reserves the right to remove the Guest's belongings and luggage from the room they are presently occupying in the case of a default.


SSS Group Hotel

No. 83, RZ-4 A, KH, 2, Pipal Wali Gali, opposite Vishal Mega Mart and, Mahavir Enclave Part 1, Mahavir Enclave, Delhi, 110045, India