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Tailoring the Hamptons Style for Your Home in Perth

May 5

The Hamptons style is a very popular trend. Perhaps you have considered using some of the elements in your home in Perth. 

Many of the classic elements of the Hamptons style homes are timeless. It is fascinating to see how some of those elements can evolve to fit into today’s modern lifestyle. These evolutions are subtle, yet effective. You can enjoy an updated look and still stay true to the unique characteristics of the Hamptons style with Coast Homes home builders. 

To take inspiration from the Hamptons style, you have to approach it from multiple angles. Below are design suggestions that you can consider in updating your home with Hamptons-inspired decor.

Add a bit of spice to Hamptons' traditional blue and white color palette

The Hamptons style is all about living by the coast. Therefore, the traditional dominant colors are usually blue and white. To modernize it, you can add some balance and spice it up with other colors such as splashes of golden tones and chocolate brown tones. You can even accent with black.

The older, classic Hamptons style is about contrasting bright whites with strong blues. There is a crisp, clean look to it. The modernized version is softer, with a color palette that is warm and soothing. The masculine and feminine shades do not dominate each other but create a balance instead.

When you introduce a non-traditional color like brown, gold, or black, you give the classic Hamptons style a contemporary look and feel.

Below are some suggestions on possible color palettes for a modernized interior that uses Hamptons-inspired elements:

- Try using black as an accent for a base palette of white, grey, and muddy blue.

- For the kitchen, walls, and seats in the bathroom, try something in oatmeal or grey tones.

- For the floor in your living space, consider dark wood, like a deep chocolate brown.

Balance with more textures

The Hamptons style is no stranger to textures. However, the modern approach is to bring in a sense of coziness and relaxation. To achieve that vibe, try adding some brass and gold, and decorate with comfortable and soft furnishings. Contrast with marble and wood.

The new Hamptons style is about the balance of contrasting elements. For instance, you should balance hard and soft, rough and smooth, dark and light, etc. The walls and ceiling can have wood paneling. Wallpaper can be grasscloth. A balanced look will make your home more welcoming.

The Hamptons style is filled with geometric shapes

The masculine look can be achieved by geometric patterns. You can use this design pattern for the flooring in your living spaces and tiles in your bathrooms. You can use this design on rugs, cushions, headboards, and other furnishings. If you decide to use this theme, use it throughout the house, but avoid overdoing it because an abundance of geometric shapes in one area will be quite visually overwhelming.

If you choose to go with a bold geometric pattern, try to have areas with soft floral prints or block colors. You can experiment with art deco accessories. The takeaway here is that you want to add a little bit of spice to the classic style. The suggestions above are just to get you started. The fun lies in the discovery as you try different patterns to see what works for you.